JESSICA LIN - "TITANIA 3/20" - 19" X 9"

JESSICA LIN - "TITANIA 3/20" - 19" X 9"

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19x9” piece (1.5” deep) from my brand NEW limited edition Monet’s Fairies collection! Photographic composite, mounted on ebony-stained birch panel. UV protection varnish applied, ready to hang.

Layers: lily pads are from Monet’s famous pond in Giverny, overlayed with images from the stained glass ceiling of a Parisian restaurant popular among artists both present and past. The “fairies” are lights in the window of a Paris salon. All of these images were taken during my artists’ residency in Paris during the fall of 2019.

Name: Named for the Queen of the Fairies in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is my favourite of all of his plays. I have such fond memories of watching the magical performances of this over the years in High Park - the perfect setting.                                     Jessica