JESSICA LIN - "Lily Lichen" - Limited Series 2/20

JESSICA LIN - "Lily Lichen" - Limited Series 2/20

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"Lily Lichen" - Limited Series 2/20 - 9" x 9".  Mounted on stained 1.25" Birch panel.

4" x 4"  size available

Inspired by the elusive flashes of colour in a piece of Labradorite, some of these pieces combine the intense energy of vibrant blues, greens and gold with the soothing effects of water imagery. Others combine the bleakness of an ice storm with the hope of Spring to come.

Over 15 years of traveling and photographing, plus about 20 years (!!) of professional photography experience, plus a dollop of imagination and a pinch of magic… these are the main ingredients for my Abstract Photographic Landscape Artwork. Oh - and passion. Roughly a (metric) ton of passion ;)