BRITTANY LAUREN - "Ellen" - Original 4"x4"x1.5"

BRITTANY LAUREN - "Ellen" - Original 4"x4"x1.5"

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"Ellen" is the sweetest white squirrel this side of Queen West.  This orginal acrylic painting of the iconic white squirrels of Queen St. West is on canvas and stretched on a 4"x4"x 1.5" wood frame.  Brittany Lauren is an Ontario artist. 

"I discovered my love for art in my teen years when I met a teacher whose passion for visual arts was contagious. They encouraged me to explore my interests and continue learning. After graduating from Sheridan College with an Advanced Diploma in Crafts and Design, I began teaching Art Fundamentals in non-profit organizations and elementary schools in the GTA.

During this time I became increasingly aware of how our environment was changing. The well being of our wildlife was being affected dramatically. One summer I volunteered at a local wildlife centre to lend a hand and was alarmed at how many wild patients were admitted daily because of negative human interactions. My body of work changed that year from abstracts to wildlife.

My paintings reflect our wildlife in a simplistic way but true to life so we can connect and admire their captivating beauty.

I donate to local animal initiatives with every sale of a painting." Brittany