My mom for Me

Social Responsibility - Weaving with Love for a Better Future.

Working for Mishky Mom can stay home and take care of their kids. 

Mishky trains and employs women from predominately low income communities. Many of our artisan weavers are single mothers who have enrolled in the company’s Mi mamá para mí (My mom for me) program, an initiative that encourages women to work from home in order to provide loving care, parental guidance and support to their children while still having a sustainable income.

The hands of women, many of whom have had rough lives, are what bring Mishky’s designs to life. A transformative process is set in motion when you buy our jewelry; you become part of a wonderful support network that helps improve the lives of local artisans, their children, and also honor hours of skillful work. Our hope is that you will wear our jewelry not only because it is beautiful, but because it will allow you to tell a story in which you are one of the lead players. Mishky and our customers have proven that social responsibility, sustainability, and excellence in craftsmanship go hand in hand and it is something we are extremely proud of.

Mishky, our company name, is inspired by the South American Quechua word Misk’i, which means sweet. We are a fair trade artisan jewelry company that designs and manufactures hand-made pieces that carefully blend traditional Colombian craftsmanship with ever changing global fashion trends.

 In 2010 our founders, Tita Navia and Martha Durán, decided to follow their true passion for creativity, fashion and design, and started Mishky. The company was conceived with the purpose of sharing Colombia’s unique flair, colors, style and craftsmanship with the rest of the world. All of this, through beautiful handmade jewelry. Our founders also sought to improve the quality of life for low income Colombian women and made social responsibility a key part of our mission. Mishky empowers and elevates women in our communities by providing them with flexible jobs that can be done from home. Our jewelry strives to carry on the message that originated with its bracelets: women throughout the world sharing compassion, integrity, women’s rights, love for children and the environment.